The Dog Training School at Milton Keynes

Classes are held at The Discovery Centre, Alston Drive, Milton Keynes on Saturday and Sunday mornings

The Dog Training School was established in 1995 and is run by Clive Knapp who has a working lifetime of professional dog training, teaching owners how to get the best results from their dogs through kind, fun and ethical training practices.

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Puppy Training – One to One Consultations

You may wish to start with a one to one consultation to help you to understand your new puppy’s behaviour and how best to integrate him into the family. Understanding how your puppy thinks helps achieve house training and basic good behaviour without causing stress to him or the rest of the household.

Training puppies should start as soon as they come into your home. Learning how to make learning fun eases the path to successful house training, preventing destructive chewing and other unwanted behaviours.

Puppy Training Classes

Once puppies are vaccinated and fully protected they are ready to attend classes, where they will learn important socialisation skills as well as developing their training.

Adult Dog Training Classes

One to one consultations help you understand how to help your dog learn before commencing classes.  In addition to basic training  The Dog Training School also offers Advanced, Agility and Working classes. Working training introduces your dog to the basics of tracking and search, the skills used by working dogs in the Police and Armed Forces, an inspiring challenge for dogs and owners who would like to explore something different.

Phone: 07500 866 253